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Green asparagus, White asparagus

Our company has an asparagus plantation of 30 hectares.
20 hectares of the plantation are for green asparagus and 10 hectares are for white asparagus. We grow Italian and American green types of asparagus and Dutch white asparagus in the first place.
Apart from this we also purchase asparagus from another 80 hectares, mostly green asparagus.
Now we select, measure and pack the asparagus using the most modern automatic product lines.
We pack them on the demand of our customers:
package of 250 g (16 packages/carton)
package of 500 g (8 packages/carton)
package of 1000 g (6 packages/carton)
lose package: 5 kg/carton
The asparagus sale of the INBA Zrt. is 525 tons, which is the most important product in spring and also sold in the largest quantity.
Our company makes efforts to make consuming asparagus popular in Hungary so peeling machines have been used since 2014, which makes the product more comfortable to use.
The green and white asparagus are essential parts of the up-to-date and healthy diet.
The period of time of sale: from the beginning of April to the middle of June.

Capia peppers, White peppers

Albert Szentgyörgyi discovered vitamin C in paprika therefore consuming paprika became a remarkable component of nutrition throughout the world.
It also increased the reputation of Hungary.
Our company sells kapia and white paprikas in the largest amount each year, nearly 3000 tons, more than 70% of which is export.
The export of kapia paprika is 1500 tons and that of the white paprika is 700 tons.
We have a washing-drying machine and two Flow-pack machines to process and pack paprika.

We pack them in Flow-packs and also in lose packages of 5 kg.
Mix package is also popular concerning kapia and white paprikas, which can be a chessboard type in the carton and also bicolour or tricolour in a 500 g small bowl.
Kapia paprika is also sold in sacks to our customers.
We sell about 800 tons from these types of paprikas to the canned food industry.
The period of time of sale: from the early greenhouse paprika (March) to November.

Cabbage, cauliflower

Our well-known domestic vegetables, cabbages and cauliflowers, are also popular abroad.We sell about 700 tons of cabbages and 100 cauliflowers.Our company deals with selling cabbages and cauliflowers throughout the year.They are packed in wooden boxes or cartons equalised and sold to the domestic and foreign customers in this way.

Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbages also take a remarkable place among the green vegetables these days.
Consuming chinese cabbages is getting widespread not only abroad but also in Hungary.
The early spring harvest and the autumn chinese cabbages after continuous cleaning are in season all the year round.
It may be the main source of vitamin supplement during the winter.
Our company sells about 120 tons of chinese cabbages a year.
They are packed in wooden boxes or cartons equalised and sold to the domestic and foreign customers in this way.

Sour cherries, Cherries

The INBA Zrt. sells sour cherry and cherry from the domestic fruits.
It is usually sold in lose packages of 5 kg and small bowls of 1 kg.
The period of time of sale: from the end of May to the middle of July.
We sell 50 tons of cherry a year.