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About Us

The INBA Zrt. was established in 1999. It is situated in Ásotthalom, Csongrád County, Homokháti Kistérség, Hungary.
The main activity of the company is vegetable and fruit whole sale trade.
We have had two company seats since 2014:
We can receive our business partners, customers and farmers in a modern office building, packing room and cold storage in the centre of Ásotthalom.
Our new company seat in Ásotthalom was opened in 2014 where a complex logistic centre was built on 15000 m² satisfying all the needs of the customers and farmers.
There are 3 cold storages of 500 m³ and a cold storage of 750 m³, a packing room of about 1300 m² equipped with modern machines and equipment, offices, chambers and premises satisfying all the needs of the workers working here.
The special line of the INBA Zrt. is purchasing, packaging and marketing of green asparagus, white asparagus, kapia paprika, white paprika and sliced tinned paprika, savoy cabbages and cabbages.
We also deal with cauliflowers, pritamin paprika, sweet corn, potatoes, sour cherry and cherry in big quantities.
The revenue consists of:

  • 58% from different types of paprika (kapia, white and sliced industrial pepper)
  • 30% from asparagus (green and white)
  • 10% cabbages (cabbage, savoy cabbage and cauliflower)
  • 2% other vegetables (potato, sweet corn, radish, lettuce and vegetable marrow)
The export is about 60% from this amount.
Our products prepared and packed by the demand of the customers get to the customers mainly through German, Swiss and Scandinavian store chains.
We are planning to increase the sale on the domestic and Eastern European markets.
Quality and traceability of the products sold by the INBA Zrt. are guaranteed by GlobalGap quality assurance system, which was supplemented by the GRASP module, furthermore the IFS system was also introduced.
The INBA Zrt. stands high on the list of the sellers of asparagus and paprika in Hungary due to the excellent quality of our goods and the competence and precise work of our colleagues.
We do our best to be precise and reliable both with our customers and farmers furthermore also provide them with fair business prospects.